A holistic approach to psychotherapy
honoring the integration of mind, heart, body and spirit

Welcome to my website.  The decision to enter psychotherapy is an important one.  Information provided here is intended to help with that decision, as well as inform you about how I practice.  These are the areas of my focus:

• Anxiety   • Relationship Issues • Work Stress
• Stress Management • Life Transition Issues • Changing Habits
• Depression • Trauma/PTSD • Obsessive Compulsive Issues
• Peak Performance • Panic and Phobia • Personal Growth

Everyone thinks about themselves in uniquely personal ways.  If you are uncertain about whether your concerns are appropriate for my practice, have other questions, or wish to schedule an appointment, please call me at 847-492-8230.

DISCLAIMER: The informationon any area or page of this site is intended for information purposes only regarding an available clinical service. The diagnosis or treatment of any particular disorder by the information provided on this website, or the links referred to by this website, is not recommended, intended, nor implied. No therapeutic relationship exists between Rebecca Mueller, Psy.D. and individuals wishing to e-mail or telephone her for information or to schedule an appointment. A therapeutic relationship, if appropriate, will be agreed upon following the initial, in-person consultation. If a psychotherapy relationship is not possible, for whatever reason, appropriate referrals may be provided.


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